The Visigoths inhabited most of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, and Portugal, after the fall of the Western

5th Century AD Visigoth Soldier

Roman Empire.  The Visigoths were a branch of the Goths, the Germanic nomadic tribes, and were Germanic pagans, but later on, converted to Catholicism and Arianism.  Arianism was a religion founded by the Egyptian priest, Arius, which denied the divinity of Christ, and believed that the Son of God was a separate entity.  Visigoths were called heretics for believing in Arianism. 

The Visigoths spoke an East Germanic language called Gutiska razda. Visigothic male names included: Andagis, Audoacer, Badwila, Chindaswintha, Dag, Eboric, and Frideger. Visigothic female names included: Amelina, Avina, Brenhilda, Fredegonda, Gailavira, Gelvira, Heva, Hilduara, and Riciberga.  


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