Back to short chaps, 'Pologies, peeps, didnt have much info on the benghazi battles aside from their dates. So I couldnt really detail much. But ye, first chap in a different theatre! (not countin sino wapnesu)

The Desert Fox

April 4th, 1940.

Arrigo Bava, leader of a force of a few Italian divisions, and to defend the African city of Benghazi, which was currently surrounded by Allied forces.

But news from their ally, the Germans, had said they sent a large force to Africa, and the leader of that army, Erwin Rommel, had already secured a handful of cities similar to Benghazi, and defending it shouldn't be a problem. They could even turn the defensive into an offensive!

Thus, Arrigo had hoped his troops could hold out until Rommel could arrive.

His troops had set up a defensive perimeter around Benghazi, hoping to defend mainly on the mountains, with only few barren fields to defend.

A cruiser under Arrigo's command had suddenly spotted something that would seal Benghazi's fate.

At least a hundred Australian carriers, and a few war-ships defending them.

His troops were already outnumbered, now to be denied an escape-route at sea, as well? Damn it all.

He had decided to set up his defenses in the style of an ambush, having only few troops on the front, but having the main parts of the army sprout out when someone nears the defense-line.

The British lost two divisions and a half from the first 5 minutes of the ambush.

They lost three more by the 10th.

The few naval forces were told to stall the Australians by any means necessary.

With British ships arriving as well, the chance of a single cruiser and battleship surviving against the force were non-existant.

Within the 15th minute of the ambush, the British lost 6 divisions and a town.

The 20th involved 5 divisions, an airport, and para-trooper reinforcements.

The 25th was 3 divisions, Australians arriving on the shores, and Rommel's group finally breaking through a British city and meeting up with the Italians

The British morale lowered considerably, as they realized Germans were on their flank, and the Italians were pushing deeper and deeper into their territory.

More para-troopers arrived, the Australians realized the fact they were arriving on shores that resulted in them getting surrounded by Italians, and the Italian cruiser finally sunk.

The Australian reinforcements were wiped out, while the British were slowly pulling back out of the area.

The few remaining Australian ships had retreated, while the Italians continued surrounding British towns, and promptly forcing the divisions there to crumble under pressure, and promptly move on to the next.

The British had entirely retreated from the areas around Benghazi, as the Afrika  Korps had arrived.

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