Operation Barbarossa

June 22th, 1941

Reinhold's force was transferred to Poland a few weeks ago, and now he knew why.

An attack on the USSR was to start today.

He was given the position of being the main army for the central push.

He had doubts of whether the attack would be a success, but he'd damn well try to make it such.

He had separated his force into two task teams, one going north while the other heads straight forward. He had doubted the northern forces could push deep into the Soviet territory without some extra aid.

His troops quickly mobilized and began advancing, with Russians in sight.

The Soviets lost a division of infantry rather quickly to the central task-force, with Reinhold's troops continuing their march before they saw a gigantic army of tanks.

Thus, the central force split into two, one going south to Zhitomir while the other holds against the tanks to prevent the southern half from being surrounded.

The Soviets were not prepared for the invasion whatsoever, with the once threatening army of tanks crumbling in minutes. Bad design, luck, who knows. But nonetheless, the invasion was going perfectly.

Brest was taken already, with the Soviets pulling back quickly.

Lviv followed quickly afterwards, with the Germans pushing deeper and deeper.

The operation was still going well, the far north was a stalemate, but would soon be surrounded once the rest of the cities were taken, and thus no problems were existant.

Zhitomir was taken quickly as well, They could very well have Moscow before the year even ends if they continue like this.

With the main central-push completed, the Soviets had lost much of their land, and yet Barbarossa wasn't done yet.

It would be done as soon as every single Russian was dead.

Constant charges and encirclements began, as the northern russians were now receiving an attack from both half of the main central task force and the northern task force, no more central pushes to be made until the front is secured.

Baranovichi was taken now, with the Soviets trapped between a sea of Finnish ships or a army of Germans.

There were few remaining cities left to take from the Russians.

Tallinn  and Minsk were the only major cities left to take. There was the occasional town or military installation, but they were utterly steam-rolled in but seconds.

With Koenigsberg relieved from assault, and Minsk facing heavy pressure, the chance of the Russians even winning a single battle was ridiculous.

Several para-trooper divisions landed near the north, hoping to assist the Finnish, whom were assaulting several cities of the Soviets.

Minsk was secured as well, with at least a million Soviets dead.

And afterwards, Talinn was secured, as well.

The Soviets had lost millions of men, the majority of the Baltics, and were demoralized as all hell.

The Bolshevik Bear has had it's back broken.

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