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The Balkans Campaign

28th, October. 1940.

Martino Carnavo, leader of the main force for taking the Balkans.

Messe was leading the naval forces.

Yugoslavia and Greece. They were the targets.

Martino's force quickly met a Yugoslavian blockade, and his troops attempted to break through it.

The barricade was broken after a while, as Yugoslavia in its whole was now in sight.

At the same time, reports from Messe said that the British fleet was stationed at Greece, and had ambushed his ships.

Martino sent a handful of troops to the coasts, in case of a landing operation by the British, along with a few cruisers to assist Messe's fleet.

The push into Yugoslavia was going well, with two cities captured already.

The combined British and Greek fleet was slaughtering the Italian's navy. Having been comprised of larger, better-armed ships, and many ships at that.

Belgrade, the capital of the Yugoslavs, was surrounded and slowly crumbling under pressure from the Italians.

With support from Martino's forces, Messe's fleet was holding out against the constant British attacks, but only barely.

Belgrade was taken, and the Yugoslavian armies continued crumbling, as Italian forces slowly pushed deeper and deeper into the Balkans.

All of Yugoslavia was now conquered. With the only thing remaining being the Greeks.

The Greeks had amassed a huge army, and with British support would be a huge challenge for the Italians to take.

The Italians had managed to make a slow but steady push into the Greek territory, but were unsure if the assault would eventually stall, or possibly pick up the pace soon.

The Greek and British navy had finally become no longer a threat, with just a single cruiser and aircraft-carrier.

The Greeks had managed to make a stand at Athens, holding back the Italians and dealing heavy casualties to them, Italian divisions crumbling after receiving damage from capturing Yugoslavia, only to face another enemy immediately afterwards.

The Greeks hadn't pushed the Italians back. But their invasion of the Balkans was stalled for a entire year.

June 1st, 1941.

The Italians had decided to commence a gigantic para-trooper and carrier landing on Patras, all the main force had to do was hold out until then, and afterwards the Greeks would be demoralized enough for them to take Athens.

Both Patras and Athens were taken, with the Greeks in utter chaos, their few remaining ships heavily damaged or already at the bottom of the sea.

Plovdiv was retaken by the Italians, it having been captured from the Bulgarians by the Greeks.

Finally, the Greeks were beaten. And the Allies had little control over Europe anymore.

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