This is an RP between Arx, the Roman city (controlled by Imperial Wyrm) and Kratos, the Greek city (controlled by DaggerfallZ).  On October 30, 511 BC, Gaius Cornelius Aelius of Arx meets with Analia the Mistress in a political meeting with terms of making an alliance. 

A Journey..for nothing?

Imperial Wyrm

Gaius sails out of the coast of Arx on a ship, he is travelling with soldiers and is on a transport ship guarded by warships, in case of an attack.  They decide to head to Kratos to make an alliance with them.  They head down the Aedriatic Sea and sail to the east in the Mediterranean Sea, going near Greece.  The journey takes a few hours.  


A bright green flag is raised as the ships arrive on the horizion, indicating peace, showing that the docks are prepared for their arrival.

Imperial Wyrm

The ships land at the docks and Gaius, guarded by soldiers, waves a peace flag.  His men do a salute of peace as he walks north of the docks and into the heart of the city itself. 


Gaius is taken to the grand palace for eating, and Analia stands on the steps. In awating.

Imperial Wyrm

Gaius speaks to Analia in Greek.

(Translated from Greek to English for readers)

"Mistress Analia, it would indeed be an honor to propose an alliance with Kratos.  You see, we people of Arx have made a settlement in Germania.  We could do with some back up or mercenaries just in case things get out of hand since we are in a war with a barbarian tribe". 


"This "tribe" wouldn't happen to be the Chatti, would it? If so, I must decline. Enemies of allies cant be allies, ally, enemy of ally, must've happen."

Imperial Wyrm

"Yes, this tribe does indeed happen to be the Chatti", Gaius says, feeling somewhat embarassed and somewhat angered.  His soldiers whisper to him and he nods, they then walk away.

"I have no business here, I will be off now", Gaius says, feeling everything was such a waste.  They get back on their ships and sail away, guarded by warships.  Soldiers patrol the decks and a watchman on a watchtower accessed the situation for any visible threats.  They sail away from Kratos and begin the journey back to the docks of Arx, sailing west into the Mediterranean Sea.

The End...

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