This RP is between the Kratos, and Chatti Leaders.

Part 1


A ship rears onto the beach just outside the Chatti's camp. One men steps out, and walks. He holds a long letter, and walks slowly. He is a Germanic-Greek man, who has translated the note of diplomacy and is explaining to the Chatti. "Take me to your leader, good men" he says.

Keffy Palazzo

The soldiers, having not heard of the naval battle between Greece and the Chatti, calmly lead the man towards a large wood and stone house, the leader of the Chatti being inside. Kuno Chatti, whom was trying to make up battle plans for future attacks on the Romans.


The Germanic Greek courier delivers the message, it shows as a symbol of peace and tranquility between the two nations. The courier is very gentle, and is respectful, as he bows down on one knee delivering the message.

Keffy Palazzo

Kuno stares at the message for a couple seconds, and quickly realized, these were the same people who burned down the Chatti's gift to the Egyptians..

He sighed, and thought it over for almost a minute, before handing the letter back. "..Fine. Now get out, just because we have peace does not mean I want to see any more Greeks than I absolutely have to."


"Thank you for your participation, good sir." The Man says as he sets down a gold, and gem amulet which is in a case.

Keffy Palazzo

Kuno calmly grabs the case and grins, it should be more than enough to hire a couple of foreigners to begin building many more ships, many more USEFUL ships..Yes, yes.

Two Chatti soldiers calmly lead the messenger back to his ship, as Kuno began searching for worthy ship-builders.


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